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Meet our newest addition to BNKR: The Wolf Gang Label.

Posted on Aug 12th 2021


Q+A with Founder and Creative Director: Vanessa Pearce


Our newest girl on the block The Wolf Gang Label (or as we know her TWG) is our most exciting launch yet. TWG pairs bright colours and exotic prints with classic styles to create an incredible and eccentric cool-girl brand. Read below to learn more about BNKR’s latest addition. 

BNKR: When did you first realize you wanted to be a fashion designer?

Vanessa: After 10+ years in the fashion industry and literally 1000's of clothing purchases later I would still find myself dreaming of a bag I had seen at a flea market overseas, or a dress silhouette from an old film, or a pattern I had seen on a vintage 1970's lamp at the op shop and how nice it would look on a top. I knew I was looking for pieces that didn't exist in the market and I wanted them! I never thought I would be a designer though.


Who are some of your current muses and/or inspirations?

I’m loving 90’s silhouettes, painted with 70’s colour palettes and prints - the best of both eras.


Give us the inside scoop: what is The Wolf Gang's origin story?

My husband encouraged me almost daily to turn my desire into a career, and it was really his words of encouragement that motivated me to take the leap and start a label of my own. We were on a quick 5 day trip to Bali in 2015 and we came across the most beautiful hand crochet supplier. We met with the team and we stayed in touch from Australia. A trip or two back and we had designed and created our first capsule, which launched in January 2016.

What is your favourite part about being a designer?

I love the entire creative process - from the initial journey through creating a mood and what I’m feeling inspired by, to creating the collection, sketching and custom print design, all the way through to shooting the collection on a model and bringing it to life.

How would you describe the woman that you design for?

The Wolf Gang girl is bold yet feminine, she takes risks, feels inspired by colours and print, and loves the nostalgia of bygone eras, and eclectic vintage finds. She’s a dreamer and an eternal traveller and uses fashion as her creative outlet. She curates her wardrobe with purposeful pieces that fuel her sense of expression, and make her feel unique.


If you could see anyone (past or present) wearing The Wolf Gang who would it be?

It would be a dream to see Adut Akech in one of our pieces, we’ve followed her career over the past few years and she’s just killing it! But if we could step back in time, a young Jane Birkin in TWG would be the ultimate.


Where can we find you when you're not working on the business?

At home, knee-deep in play-doh with my 3 cubs, aged 5, 3 and 1.

Do you have any top designer picks or favourite items that will be available at BNKR?

Our cult Safi and Audrey Dresses are must-haves for any TWG girl’s wardrobe, paired with our Layla Mini Box Bag.

What is it about BNKR that makes for a great partnership with The Wolf Gang?

I think TWG captures the bold and playful side of the BNKR girl.

Favourite vacation destination?

There’s nothing that compares to the Greek Islands. Feeling the warmth of the last rays of sun on your back, while you scoot from the beach to the bar for a feast of fresh seafood, there’s nothing like it! Bali also has my heart, I’ve been so many times and it always offers me something different each trip, a new perspective, a reinvigorated state of mind, or an exciting idea.

Preferred social media platform?


Go-to drink of choice?


Favourite place to shop in the world?

Omotesando, Tokyo

Any current film, book, album or magazine recommendations?

I've just finished The Shrink Next Door podcast - a must! I’m also listening to a lot of Dominic Fike and Devendra Banhart, and have the Pulp Fiction soundtrack on repeat, my forever fave movie!

Will we be seeing any BNKR exclusives?

Possibly, stay tuned..!