Reasons To Wear Linen

Posted on May 10th 2021


Reasons To Wear Linen


Lately, we’re living in linen. With new linen dresses, tops, matching sets, shorts, even linen suits, there’s no shortage of women’s linen fashion here at BNKR. But what is it about linen that makes it a staple textile worth introducing into your wardrobe?

First of all, linen is eco-chic AF. If you are looking for sustainable fashion, look no further than linen. One of the primary benefits of linen fabric is that it is a natural fiber like cotton, but it is much less harsh on the environment in its growth, as it can make itself at home in all different types of soil and requires very little water. 

When it comes to using linen as a textile, the process utilizes all parts of the plant, leaving behind no waste.

While linen lasts for a long time, it is recyclable and biodegradable, so when you do want to part ways you can rest assured that your linen clothing will not contribute to the growing textile waste problem. 


If you’re shopping for linen looks at BNKR we know you’re a savvy stylist, so you’re probably already well aware that linen can be dressed up for a more elegant occasion, as well as worn quite casually. In warmer climates the fabric is breathable whereas in cooler climates it can retain your body heat, allowing linen to be a popular choice to wear for any season.


To see the amazing array of women’s linen apparel available at BNKR, be sure to visit our Linen Edit.

Words by Charlotte Pratt